What are Jambs?
DECORADA moulding products are safe, cost-effective and qualitative solutions for your external decoration. The standard exterior decorative moulding products are produced in 2m pieces. Our products are made by using high density of EPS elements.

EPS ( Genetized Polistren hard foam) is made by Polistren, its on a foam form, thermoplastic, and is an isolation product.
In production of EPS, there are no elements that harm the environment such as CFC. Meanwhile we do use water steam and Pentan gas during fabrication. Our products are not harmful to nature, and are resistant to all conditions of four seasons.

* The advantage of moulding products is on including high density Polistren.
* Thanks to special sticking material it is resistant to all external factors.
* It is easy, and fast to install.
* Its installation is done by sticking methods that not harm the surface.
* There are S lines in the sides to make them easy to link to each other..
* They are light and easy to transport.
* They are cost-effective
* Can be colored

Technical Specifications

* They are water resistant
* They are quite tough and good isolators
* Since they are light, they do not overweight the building
* They don’t smell or decompose
* They can be colored by any water-based colors